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20 Questions to ask to Evaluate Your CPA Firm


Business owners, at many times are unable to differentiate one CPA firm from another other. The only way is usually by price, and that is never a great gauge. Even more so they cannot be able to evaluate their current CPA relationship.

We have developed 20 questions for business owners to evaluate their current CPA firm.

Will they pass? Or do you need to start looking for a new CPA?

1. Along with compliance-oriented accounting, audit, and tax services, has your CPA offered to provide business advisory or financial advisory services?

2. What services would like like from your CPA that are not being offered?

3. Do you think your CPA is a helpful impact in the relationship with your company?

4. Has your CPA referred the services of others to you?

5. Has your CPA refer you to any potential suppliers or customers?

6. Does your CPA ever invite you to lunch to get to know you better?

7. Has your CPA ever discussed with you the “health” of your business from a financial statement perspective including industry-specific benchmarks?

8. Do you have a clear understanding of what the financial statements are telling you about your business?

9. Do you feel your CPA understands your business as well as you would like?

10. Do you feel your CPA is an expert in your industry?

11.Does your CPA ever ask “how can we help your business succeed”?

12.Does your CPA take a proactive approach to help you obtain credit financing?

13.Has your CPA provided guidance on your strategic business plan?

14.Does your CPA provide any sort of guidance on your business succession plan?

15.Is your CPA an affiliate member of your industry association?

16.Does your CPA ask about your industry inside dealings? Do they seem interested in your work?

17.Has your CPA asked for introductions to your other professional advisors?

18.Does your CPA ask for copies of statements or documents provided by other professionals?

19.Do you feel your CPA is best suited to play the role of “head coach” (know and coordinate the activities of your other advisors) into one comprehensive game plan to help achieve your business and personal financial objectives?

20.Do you feel your CPA is your most trusted advisor? If not, who is your “MTA”?

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