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Our full service CPA firm is dedicated to helping clients more effectively manage their accounting needs. With nearly 20 years of experience in public accounting, Candice Gerlach and her CPA firm offer expert knowledge on tax codes, financial compliance, estate planning, and more. Candice Gerlach’s CPA firm works with individuals, businesses, trusts, estates, non-profits, and corporations. If you have found yourself researching CPA firms we will be happy to share with you our extensive experience with a variety of different avenues of accounting. Learn more about Our Services or schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation with our team. When working with our team, you will benefit from:

- Almost 20 years of experience in public accounting
- In-depth knowledge of local, state, and federal tax codes
- Comprehensive and customized accounting services

CPA Firm Services

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General Accounting Services: Outsourcing your general accounting to a CPA firm can help save time and money. Our team of Certified Public Accountants and administrators track expenses, generate reports, analyze income, provide tax strategy, and communicate with investors. We offer accounting for both small business, large firms, and high net worth individuals. Book a complimentary consultation to learn how we can support your accounting, bookkeeping, and financial needs.

Income Statements: Income statements document revenues, assets, and expenses all in one place. They are used for financial planning, budgeting, tax preparation, and discussions with investors. A CPA firm can compile an income statement for your business, non-profit, or LLC. This useful tool can also help identify tax liabilities or areas of potential increased profit. Want more financial management tips? Read our blog for the latest accounting tools and strategies.

Tax Planning Services: Many CPA firms aren’t qualified to help with strategic tax planning due to their limited knowledge of the tax code. However, Candice Gerlach and her team have in-depth experience in public accounting, tax compliance, and financial statement preparation.
When working with our CPA firm, you will benefit detailed knowledge of state and federal tax regulations. Learn more about building a strategic tax strategy today.

Fractional or Interim CFO Services: A CPA firm can act as a fractional or temporary CFO for your company. This is an ideal solution to help businesses that need sophisticated accounting solutions but do not require a full-time CFO. Our CPA firm resolves cash flow issues, advises on tax strategy, raises capital, and supports strategic growth.

Financial Audits & Reviews: Annual reviews are an excellent way to survey the accuracy of your business operations, while audits provide a formal overview of the financial record-keeping and reporting in your company. A CPA firm can conduct either service, depending upon the needs of your organization. To determine if you need help with an audit or review, book a consultation with our CPA firm.

Forensic Accounting Services: Forensic accounting includes the investigation of financial transactions, possible financial crimes, fraud, and legal disputes. Before opening her CPA firm, Candice Gerlach led forensic accounting projects on several large national financial crimes. Read more about her experience here.

Testimony & Depositions: As a Certified Public Accountant with expertise in financial investigations, Candice is an ideal expert witness, consultant, trier of fact, referee, or arbitrator.

Want to learn more about our Carlsbad-based CPA firm and the services we offer? Read Our Reviews or visit our blog for the latest information.